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Places Closer to Cities. Summary from Evening Symposium on Creative and Cultural Industries and Urban Development, Prague, Czech Republic

Creative and Cultural industries have become real engine of urban economy in many European cities. Museums, theaters, co-working spaces, exhibition areas are now residing in many formerly disregarded brownfields. Through physical revitalization, the culture comes now into the direct intersection with urban planning. These buildings are now new centers of cultural and social life. 

Currently, there is more than 108 of brownfields only in Prague.  On the other side the demand for affordable work spaces from creative collectives or individuals has been growing. The neural point where the bottom up can merge with top down policymaking is emerging. So are the tools how to regulate such spaces - we can name just few of them, rent regulation, financial support or support of intersectoral projects. 

How can the municipal or private offer of brownfield to creative collectives be beneficial for the city development? What steps should creative actors and the municipality take in conversion of these buildings? How to approach management, financing and contracting? What kind of communication/collaboration would be the most efficient among the actors? Do existing and emerging creative clusters cooperate with each other? How can the collective still deliver high quality program while dealing with management of the building?

Authors: Milota Sidorova, David Kaspar

Client: 4+4 days in motion festival, Prague



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