Evaluation Study: Current Practice of Prague Municipal Districts with Public Participation in Urban Development, Prague, Czech Republic

The study evaluates the awareness and use of public participation methods and tools among municipal districts in Prague. It was an important research material for Manual of Participation in Prague that was later on published and became the official guideline in the city of Prague. The aim of the study was mapping existing know how of municipal districts and identify the needs of employees and politicians if the participation is to be done properly. The evaluation study mapped the state zero, when only a little practice was applied among municipal districts. The outcomes contribute to more efficient process planning of strategic documents. For the future it will serve well as an indicator for the further evaluations. 

Authors: Martina Macakova, Milota Sidorova, Petr Navrat

Client: Prague Institute for Planning and Development

Published: Prague, 2015

You can download your copy of the study in Czech language here: