Catalytic Impacts of Markets on Public Space, Doctor Thesis

This dissertation thesis examines the impacts of markets on public spaces. In the first part it maps the market's evolution; transformations into indoor market halls, its era of decline and its comeback in the form of flea and farm markets in urban spaces. 
This thesis tracks the role of markets as catalytic elements of the social and economic climate. In its methodologies the thesis examines the characteristics of 18 markets in Prague and Berlin with the aim of describing the characteristics of what is considered a successful market.

Three case studies are developed of markets of different qualities in public spaces - Jiri z Podebrad square (Prague), Kollwitz Platz (Berlin) and Svatoplukovo square (Nitra). In the theoretical part, the thesis also introduces the definition and principles of catalytic design as a way to plan the city with a focus on evolving the process in time and space.

In connection with this issue the author raises the following questions: What defines a successful market? How can markets influence social and economic life in public spaces and vice versa? How can public spaces influence market qualities? Can a high-quality designed public space increase positive impacts of markets? How can urban designers, landscape architects and urbanists creatively use the element of the market in urban renovation in wider and long-term planning strategies?

Client: Slovak Agricultural University, Nitra

Published: April 2014

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