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Palacky street, more than a shortcut, Pardubice

The aim of revitalization of the Palacký street was, besides improving technical and aesthetic condition of the public space, also to change behavior of people by changing the character of the space by activating its economic, cultural and social potential. An international, interdisciplinary team of professionals has created a conceptual study of the most important street in the city of Pardubice through a participative process combined with design thinking,

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Enhancing Sustainable Urban Development in Local Politics

Enhancing Sustainable Urban Development in Local Politics is the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s training programme for professionals active in the field of urban planning and development with a strong interest in cross-sector cooperation and in making our cities more sustainable and inclusive. The training programme is organised in 4 modules which take place in the Czech Republic (Brno, Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava) and Hungary (Budapest) between November 2016 and September 2017. The first module in Brno was dedicated to Affordable Housing, the latter one, in Prague, to Public Consultations. The training in Bratislava is focused on inter-sectoral work, with the one in Budapest focused on political speech and influencing others.

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