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The WhatCity? project operates since 2014 as a lively platform of conferences and workshops that strives for new strategies in order to improve the quality of the city environment. The project aims to connect civic initiatives, experts and city authorities; it offers case studies from abroad and tools for effective city development. Our aim is to present unconventional ideas and strategies for city development from multiple points of view. WhatCity? ignites awareness and openness within local communities, creating a context for new dialogues.

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reSITE is a nonprofit platform working at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture and economics. reSITE acts as a catalyst for social action and innovative leadership; an international platform to exchange ideas about making cities more livable, competitive and resilient. We protect and promote public spaces, architecture and sustainable development in cities. It is fostering collaboration, dialogue and social innovation between the public and experts in the fields of design, finance and development, municipality leadership and community advocacy. Why? To stimulate action for sustainable urban design and, therefore, better cities. We stand for public spaces.

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