Restless Cities: Lessons from Central Europe


Restless Cities: Lessons from Central Europe is a publication that reflects a year-long training programme of the Prague office of the Heinrich- Böll-Foundation focusing on understanding the political aspects of urban planning in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It consists of four thematic chapters that offer introductions into each topic, short texts by selected invited experts, participants' views, and key learnings about sustainability and politics. The authors of the texts are not just the experts who con- tributed to the training programme, but also the participants themselves share their learnings and views herein. We hope this book will help readers to understand the o en-invisible areas where urban planning moves from the realm of expertise-only into the realm of political action and that it will inspire readers to further politi- cal learning and engagement.

Cooperation: Zdenka Lammelova

Client: Heinrich-Boll Stiftung, ev Prague Office

Published: autumn 2018

ISBN: 978-80-907076-9-6