How to Design a Fair-Shared City? Prague, Czech Republic

How to design a Fair-Shared City?

How to Design a Fair Shared City? offers 8 simple and captivating stories of different heroes representing wider user groups of our population. Two fictional characters, architect Eric and Sophia will lead us through story of a girl, a mother, an elderly woman or a couple, kids or common visitors using high profile urban areas to remind us of daily situations when design by default can be a significant obstacle. On the other hand, they will offer solutions on how thoughtful design can significantly improve the quality of urban life - with no extra costs necessary.

This publication has been developed in close cooperation with Heinrich Boll Foundation in Prague and is dedicated to architects, urban planners, politicians, anthropologists and a wider public with an interest in urban design. We hope it will spark a deeper understanding of design impacts in our everyday lives. We also hope that while reading it you will have fun, find an interest and pass it on.

Authors: Milota Sidorova, Zdenka Lammelova, Alevitina Bainakova, Veronika Fajmonova, Kristyna Stara, Miha Mazzini, Michael Higgs

Illustrator: Andrea Safarikova

Graphic Designer: Katarina Dorcakova 

Client: WPS Prague, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Prague office 

Published: January 2017

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