Revitalization of Dvorakovo Nabrezi - Na Frantisku

public and stakeholder participation expert

January 2016 - May 2016

Prague (CZ)

client: Institute of Planning and Development Prague 

The aim of the study is to revitalize this bank of the Vltava river and to bring back its status among the places that we choose as a pleasant and safe way to commute to work, for past-time activities or for unveiling the many layers of its extremely rich, local history. The growing numbers of key, individual investments of local actors and stakeholders became the catalyst for the Institute of Planning and Development to conduct a conceptual and coordinated study. The actors involved were property owners, property managers, attached institutions and the public - all of them becoming partners while formulating the vision for the riverbank. This conceptual study will become a base for the coordination of future individual investment in the private properties and attached public spaces.