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It Has Resonated (Interview_CZ)

Once you realize it, it makes a profound sense: men and women use the public space differently. Transport, playground, but also cemeteries. But city planners often do not think about the different needs of people. Milota Sidorová is in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to change it. A graduated landscape architect has combined urban planning with sociology and other humanities, and offers another recipe to change it - to help female architects stand out.

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Feminism x City, Košice (debate_SK)

Together with the team Spolka, we have prepared a series of lectures for you "Mestoláska", about life in the city, urban planning through the themes of democracy, equality, transparency and opportunities in the city. We give the city its attention because its future is about the everyday about establishing relationships. In the third lecture Feminist City / Sexist City, we welcome architect Milota Sidorova - a freelance urban planner who, as an urban planning consultant, helps fine-tune public, private and non-governmental projects, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

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