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It Has Resonated (Interview_CZ)

Once you realize it, it makes a profound sense: men and women use the public space differently. Transport, playground, but also cemeteries. But city planners often do not think about the different needs of people. Milota Sidorová is in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to change it. A graduated landscape architect has combined urban planning with sociology and other humanities, and offers another recipe to change it - to help female architects stand out.

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Restless Cities: Lessons from Central Europe, Bratislava (book launch_EN)

Restless Cities: Lessons from Central Europe is a publication edited by Milota Sidorová and Zdeňka Lammelová that reflects a year-long training programme of the Prague office of the Heinrich-Böll Foundation focusing on understanding the political aspects of urban planning in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It consists of four thematic chapters that offer introductions into social housing in Brno, participatory processes in Prague, urban development of Bratislava and influencing strategies in Budapest.

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Brownfields, Those common and creative ones, Prague (lecture)

When we are talking about brownfields we tend to confuse them with creative clusters and there is a certain unstoppable idealism that each brownfield can be revitalized by cultural interference. Let's have a little methodical insight into brownfield status quo in Czech Republic and Prague particularly. Language: Slovak

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