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Manual of Outdoor Advertising, Obchodna street, Bratislava, Slovakia

I have edited the first manual of outdoor advertising in Bratislava. The publication follows almost 3 years long process of community development along with more than a year long participator process on the topic of outdoor advertising in Obchodna street.

Client: Obchodna a okolie, ngo, The City of Bratislava

Published: May 2018

ISBN: 978–80–972849–1–6

You can download the publication here:

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Panenska and Surroundings Revitalisation, Study of Public Needs, Bratislava, Slovakia

From the fall 2017 until May 2018 we conducted a participatory process exploring needs and opinions of residents of Bratislava-Old Town in the area of Panenska and its surroundings. The study was used as a preparatory material for emerging Manual of Public Spaces in this district.

Cooperation: Punkt, ngo

Client: Bratislava - Old Town

Published: Spring 2018

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Envisioning Mill Island in Pardubice, Czech Republic

The publication is an accompanying documentation during the process of envisioning and strategizing the future of the Mills island area in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The area is characteristic by contrasts. The iconic monument, Gocar's Mill house, declining bakery production give background to the one of the most vibrant parks Na Spici on the edge of quiet residential district. The City of Pardubice detected it to be the one of the upcoming transformation zones. In order to keep the values of the area, the commission was carried to gather all the information and stakeholders' visions and organize legal competition architectural workshop. The publication summarizes in-depth dialogues and basic socio-economic mapping of the area. The book served as a grounding, supporting material for the future architects of the regulation plan.

Collaboration: Petr Navrat, ONPLAN

Client: ONPLAN lab, The City of Pardubice

Authors: Petr Navrat, Milota Sidorova, Katarína Vankusova

Published: Fall 2016

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Study of User Needs, Dvorakovo Nabrezi - Na Frantisku, Prague, Czech Republic

The aim of the study is to revitalize this bank of Vltava and to bring it back among places that we choose for pleasant and safe way to work, freetime activities or unveiling many layers of extremely rich, local history. Growing number of individual key investments of local actors and stakeholders became the catalyst for the Institut of Planning and Development to conduct a conceptual and coordination study. The actors involved were property owners, property managers, attached institutions, public - all of them became partners while formulating the vision for the riverbank. Conceptual study will become a base for coordination of future individual investments in the private properties and attached public spaces.

Authors: Milota Sidorova, Jan Kadlas, Petr Navrat

Client: Institut of Planning and Development

Published: April 2016

You can browsee the publication here: 

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Evaluation Study: Current Practice of Prague Municipal Districts with Public Participation in Urban Development, Prague, Czech Republic

The study evaluates the awareness and use of public participation methods and tools among municipal districts in Prague. It was an important research material for Manual of Participation in Prague that was later on published and became the official guideline in the city of Prague. The aim of the study was mapping existing know how of municipal districts and identify the needs of employees and politicians if the participation is to be done properly. The evaluation study mapped the state zero, when only a little practice was applied among municipal districts. The outcomes contribute to more efficient process planning of strategic documents. For the future it will serve well as an indicator for the further evaluations. 

Authors: Martina Macakova, Milota Sidorova, Petr Navrat

Client: Prague Institute for Planning and Development

Published: August 2015

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